The values of paper

Paper is NATURAL

  • Paper comes from a renewable raw material: wood
  • Trees fix CO2 and that CO2 is stored in the paper products thanks to the sustainable management of forests, forests have increased by 36% in Spain since 1990
  • Paper is RECYCLABLE
. In Europe 72% of all the paper used is recycled, and in Spain we have gone up from 39% in 1990 to 74% today, paper is the champion in Spain regarding beverage cartons recycling (81.9%)


Produce more with less is what we do best.

  • Each m3 of wood is used 2.4 times
  • We have reduced CO2 emissions by 9% in the last 5 years
  • 95% of the water we use is discharged cleaner after being treated. We generate our own energy by cogeneration, the efficient energy
  • We generate our own energy by cogeneration, the efficient energy
  • • 37% of our energy is green (biomass)

Paper is NEEDED

  • 91% of the raw material used by the European paper industry comes from Europe
  • 26% of the paper used by the paper industry in the world comes from Europe.
  • Productivity in the Spanish paper industry has grown by 30% since 2000
  • 91% of Spaniards would not be able to live without paper
  • The Spanish paper industry employs directly and indirectly 102,000 people, many of them in rural areas
  • We export 48% of the paper and 59% of the cellulose we manufacture in Spain.
  • The paper industry is the leading character of the new BIOECONOMY

This information has been provided by ASPAPEL (Asociación Española de Fabricantes de Pasta, Papel y Cartón), a professional organization in Spain representing companies working in the cellulose and paper sector. The companies associated (about 60) account for more than 90% of the production within the sector.
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