Tailored printing

A wide and varied fleet of machines grants Grafo a high capacity of production and versatility. Any format up to 120 x 160 cm. Several technologies to undertake any orders and print-runs, no matter how big or short it is.

Offset printing

Several formats, scented inks, metallic inks, stochastic and rosette screening, greasy and acrylic varnishes…A solution to every work.

The stochastic screening is appropriate for the reprint of fabrics and detailed works.

If rubbed, the acrylic varnish increases the strength of the print-out, and prevents repainting, achieving a silky touch and a perfect finish.

“Drip off” is a technique that maintains the matt effect of some areas and gives the remaining area a gloss surface by mixing several greasy varnishes with acrylic varnishes.

Digital printing

Print-runs are frequently short and with very tight delivery dates. Besides, each print-out may be customized. Digital printing enables us to manage this kind of works. At Grafo we have the best digital technology: digital offset, patented by HP Indigo, using the special ink ElectroInk to provide print-outs with a quality comparable to the traditional offset one.

Digital printing along with Grafo’s potential in binding and finishing enables us to offer Print-On-Demand (POD). POD enables us to have access to all the books displayed in a catalog because a single copy may be printed, which gives us the opportunity to put up for sale out-of- stock books or out-of-print books. By using the POD service the system connects to the Publishing House MIS or ERP. Thus, whenever a minimum stock is detected a production order, which has been previously approved, is released and sent to the printing works.