Publishing consultancy and Pre-printing

We take care of everything from scratch. We advice our customers on the type of paper and media, inks, varnishes and finishing that will best meet and tailor their projects and budget…

Publishing consultancy

We have a wide experience in the editorial support. We help our customers get their editorial goals rationalizing production costs by  recommending them the media, the size of the publication, the material (type of paper, end sheets, carton boards, covers, lining, inks, varnishes…), binding, finishing, as well as the necessary digital resources to be employed … in order to turn any editorial product into a success.

We also have editorial services to help them with the management and development of editorial products: design, page make-up, image retouching, proofreading, translation, digitalization of out-of-print publications… Thus, in order to follow a work pattern we have set up the appropriate teamwork and assigned a team-leader, as the liaison with our customer, and established a well defined communication channel. A leader is assigned for each stage of the editorial project and the appropriate quality controls are set up



Once the original file containing the work is ready is sent to the Pre-printing Department where the production process is monitored and automated by means of a powerful workflow. It must be borne in mind whether it is a digital or printed product (e-book, digital publication…)

If a printed product, the electronic imposition of the pages at sheet is initiated. Then the color will be tested to thoroughly check all the details. If color images, our customer will receive the color tests certified by the ISO 12647 standard.