Integral Binding

Cutting, bending, collating, milling, sewing… a delicate and thorough process that must be done carefully. From just a piece of wire or staple up to paperback binding or hardback. Because an excellent printing process must be completed with an outstanding quality binding.

Any kind of binding systems are at the disposal of our customers:

  • Wire-o
  • Standard-or-omega sewn
  • Integral
  • Paperback, milled
  • Paperback, thread-sewn
  • Hardback, thread-sewn
  • Special binding (exposed spine, accordion…)

Thread-sewing is a type of binding warranting a high quality and longer life. As the sheets are sewn to the spine the strength and the quality of the publication increases. Thus, vegetable-thread sewing is the most used with printed materials such as textbooks or large-size books.