Digital Publications

The research into new technologies and the constant adaptation to the market needs have led Grafo to offer several communication channels complementary to printing. Therefore, printed publications may be supported by a series of digital resources that “enrich” and complement their content and simply expand their scope of dissemination:

Augmented Reality (AR+)

Thanks to this technology we may add additional information to a publication. We just need a device fitted with a camera, the appropriate software and a print-out treated with this technology. Thus, by focusing the camera on a printed product (book, poster…) a 3D representation, a video, a view image, a game, a questionnaire appears on the screen ….


It is a digital publication to which may be accessed through a computer, a tablet or a reading device. E-books facilitate the contents through the net. E-books may become an excellent complement to the printed book because the new formats support hyperlinks and even audio and video.

Interactive Digital Version

People are always made to interact by answering questions. This makes the user take decisions, and depending on the decision taken one or other possibility appears.