Grafo expands its Digital Printing department



Grafo has added a new machine to its Digital Printing department, which works alongside the existing HP Indigo and completes its service in this short run printing segment –from a single copy–.

It is a state-of-the-art Ricoh Pro C7110 machine with innovative features:

  • Maximum sheet size of 330mm. x 700mm.
  • Printing on a wide range of media.
  • It has functional software for customisation, thus increasing the power of variable data printing.
  • Varnish printing to make printouts stand out.
  • Option of printing with fluorescent ink.
  • Printing with white ink, to print on transparent media, coloured or metallic paper… the creative possibilities are endless.

This device enables printing in full colour (four-colour) + a fifth colour (white, varnish or fluorescent) with excellent results in the same pass, reducing costs, production times and subsequent finishing processes.

What’s more, the combination of these features will enable our customers to make their publications richer, differentiating them from traditional printouts, both aesthetically and functionally, while also providing added security, as these printouts are more difficult to falsify.

With the addition of this machine, Grafo improves its ability to respond to any need that our customers may have in the field of printing, thereby strengthening our range of digital printing, offset printing and bookbinding services.