Bedtime stories for rebellious girls

 Some say that stories cannot change the world.
But we do not agree.

Francesca Cavallo - Elena Favilli

The first and second instalment of this inspiring bestseller by Francesca Cavallo and Elena Favilli, illustrated by a hundred women from around the world, including Spanish illustrators Ana Galvañ, Ana Juan, Sara Olmos, Laura Pérez and Júlia Sardà.

Cleopatra, Nefertiti, Frida Kahlo, Isabel Allende, Madonna, Beyoncé … it includes stories -past and present- of overcoming, courage… portraits of pioneers, extraordinary women who changed the world. Inspiration for girls of all cultures, so that they know that they will encounter obstacles in life, and know they can overcome them and thus face them with courage…

Printed with love in four-colour offset on ecological paper, and treated with care and bound in hardcover with reading point.

Bednight stories for rebellious girls, edited by Destino – Editorial Planeta, printed at Grafo.


Destino Infantil y Juvenil