La Caja Books

Paper, ink, stamps and words. And all stored in a cardboard box.

Instructions for use: open, read, feel, think…

La Caja Books

This is a publishing company that promotes reading from an original approach: publish small collections of books in a “box” format, with works that share a similar theme. In the words of the editorial itself: “three short books on the same subject that we like, interest or concern us“.

These “boxes of culture” are an interesting initiative, a novel proposal to approach reading. The first two boxes have already seen the light: The Box of Nostalgia and The Soccer Box, and in the next planned boxes we will see a variety of subjects including the Bicycle, the Utopia, the Rebels or the Dictators.

For more information listen to two audio recordings: either the file in which the editorial project has been presented and praised at La Ventana de la Cadena Ser, directed by Carles Francino. Or the interview conducted by Àngels Barceló -director of the program “Hora 25″ from Cadena Ser- to Paco Cerdà, editorial director of La Caja Books, and Iván Repila and Lucas Martín, two of the authors of “La Caja de la Nostalgia”.


-> Audio 1. La Ventana – Cadena Ser (minutes 8 to 31)

-> Audio 2. Hora 25 – Cadena Ser (minutes 26:30 to 34)


The box of…, edited by La Caja Books, printed at Grafo.



La Caja Books