What colour is a kiss?


Minimoni loves to paint thousands of colourful things: red ladybugs, blue skies, yellow bananas… but she has never painted a kiss. What colour is it? Red like a delicious tomato sauce? No, because it’s also the colour of when you’re angry… Will it be green like crocodiles, which have always seemed so nice? Impossible, because that’s the colour of vegetables, and she does not like eating them! How could she find out what colour a kiss is?

Third prize for the best edited book in 2016 awarded by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, in the category of children’s book, this book by Rocio Bonilla is a true work of art.

In this beautifully illustrated album, via a clever use of typography and beautiful illustrations, the protagonist talks about emotions, colours and the feelings they evoke; thus – through an exquisite treatment of colour – joy and optimism accompany us throughout all its pages, until we reach the work’s culmination: a multicoloured explosion full of tenderness.

Bound in hardcover, it has been published in several languages. It comes with a nice wall height chart to follow our children’s growth.

 What colour is a kiss?, by Rocio Bonilla, edited by Algar Editorial, printed at Grafo.



Algar Editorial