“Gran Hotel Abismo” (Grand Hotel Abyss)

An apocalyptic comic about the not-too-distant future. Deluxe edition in a stunning landscape format for a work that is a horizontal explosion of ideas, images and blows. “Gran Hotel Abismo” burns in infernal reds and is immersed in a sea of punch-ups, explosions and tear gas. The habitat that awaits us.

Javier Pérez de Albéniz

El descodificador (the decoder)

There has been a lot of excitement around this work, published by Astiberri, as it involves a collaboration between two leading figures from the world of comics. Marcos Prior, who is always interested in addressing social, political and vital issues, takes advantage of the shadow of the crisis to create a story full of action and critical overtones, recreating what may be “a not-too-distant future, where neoliberalism has become a state religion which causes social disorder and chaos”. For his part, David Rubín is responsible for the illustrations with a wide range of intense colours that convey all the sensations of a turbulent and violent scene.

The book is made up of 120 pages, divided into four chapters, plus a really interesting final part with Extras, in which the two authors give a detailed explanation of the production process they have followed in the project: from the initial script to the finished work, via the pencil and inking processes and two colour treatment phases. Both authors have illustrated this final part with “before and after” examples, offering us an excellent way to gain a closer insight into their work.


Gran Hotel Abismo (Grand Hotel Abyss)

Graphic novel by Marcos Prior + David Rubín. Published by Astiberri Ediciones and printed by Grafo.


Astiberri Ediciones