The best team in the world

 Stories of the Athletic Club

I was looking for a beautiful book with drawings and simple texts that could help me tell my seven year old daughter things like who Zarra was, what the Gabarra is, why some teams take flowers to the bust of “Pichichi”…and all of these things that make the Athletic “the best team in the world…”


And I couldn’t find it.

Carlos Ranedo

The best team in the world – Stories of the Athletic Club:Throughout its almost 400 pages we pass through more than a hundred stories and anecdotes about the 100 years of legends about the Athletic Club. This is a quality, hardcover issue printed with care.

Signed by Carlos Ranedo, illustrated by Tomás Ondarra, and edited by El Gallo de Oro, printed by us at Grafo…

This work was well received by large crowds last November in the San Mames Stadium. Along with the printed volume there was an exhibit with its illustrations. This collection has now become a traveling exhibit, which can be viewed in cities throughout Bizkaia.



Ediciones El Gallo de Oro