Scented printing

Grafo has been printing with scented varnishes for the last 20 years, thus Grafo has acquired a wide experience in the application of this technique.

What is it?

Scented printing is achieved by using a technique employing colorless varnishes containing microencapsulated odoriferous substances on certain areas. If rubbed, such microcapsules crack and the aroma is released. There are standard aromas (strawberry, coconut, lime, cinnamon…), although customized aromas may be produced. And more and more frequent an increasing number of companies have already adopted their own corporate aroma as their own brand image.



  • It awakens the most friendly side of the human being
  • It makes you to keep the print-out
  • It achieves a multiplying effect, because its recipient will surely show it to other people


Aromas in our stock

Smoke, strawberry, banana, cinnamon, lemon, coconut, rose…


Customized Aromas

Aromas may be produce at customer’s request



  • Didactic books and publications addressed to kids
  • Striking business cards
  • Marketing publications reinforcing the message released.
  • Corporate stationery for companies with their own corporative aroma.