Publish On Demand (POD)

Editorial production as per customers’ needs

How does it work?

Publish On Demand facilitates the access to all the books in the editorial catalog to be printed, even though we just want to publish a single book. This will enable potential buyers to have access to books that were out-of-print or out-of stock.

Through the POD service, the system connects with the Publishing House MIS. Therefore, a previously approved production order is launched, which is sent to the printing shop whenever a minimum stock is detected. The print run of books may be adjusted to the distribution needs of the outlets and the orders placed directly from potential buyers.



  • The POD system, along with GRAFO’s capacity in pre-printing, binding, finishing and logistics, provides our company with a great potential to print short print runs.
  • With regard to out-of-print books, GRAFO offers a service for scanning books whose pages are converted to any agreed format: PDF-A, JPG, TIFF… Besides, an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) can be carried out to transform the scanned images into text.