Enriched books

Interactive books for mobile devices with Augmented Reality

How do they work?

Printed books can be fitted with:

  • Augmented Reality (AR+) resources
    Thanks to this technology we can add visual information. For instance, only by focusing the camera on a printed product (book, poster,…) a 3D representation, a view image, a game, a questionnaire may appear on the screen…
  • Access to multimedia contents by using an optical pencil.
    The optical reader interprets the unseen codes and decodes them, providing us with a recording, audio or music that relates to the icon chosen.
  • An interactive multimedia version for mobile devices.
    With endless possibilities, we generally interact by doing something, answering a question, taking decision…



The Augmented Reality, the Apps and other learning resources provide a printed book with a great added value. It is a remarkable association between real and virtual interactions, which means a great progress in the educational world.