Grafo once again collaborates with the Food Bank

Grafo is once again collaborating with the Biscay Food Bank in the food collection campaign which will take place on 28 and 29 November 2014 in the supermarkets and shopping centres of Biscay’s main food distribution chains.

The extraordinary work of the Food Banks in their fight against the hunger and poverty faced by the most disadvantaged has earned them the Prince of Asturias Award for Concord 2012.


You can collaborate with the Food Bank through contributions in kind, food donations and equipment donation (material resources for storing, handling and preserving food)

Food collection

  • Food collection is carried out in different ways:
  • Donations from food industries and distribution companies
  • Surpluses from agricultural campaigns managed by the Central and Autonomous Departments of Agriculture and Food.
  • Wholesale surpluses from Mercabilbao and agricultural cooperatives. Contributions by the Spanish Agricultural Guarantee Fund from the European Union.
  • Campaigns in schools with student participation
  • Campaigns in department stores


The Biscay Food Bank supplies more than 200 social organisations every year. Family centres, drug rehabilitation centres, care homes for the physically disabled, host organisations…)

More information on the Biscay Food Bank